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English name: Vietnam Atomic Energy Association

Establishment year: The Decision No.85/2004/QĐ-BNV dated 23/11/2004 of the Ministry of Home Affairs

Address: No.59 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi   

Telephone: 04.39422756   Email: vudangninh@hn.vnn.vn

Number of member associations: 02   

Principles and purposes:

The Vietnam Atomic Energy Association is a voluntary and professional organization of the citizens who work in the field of atomic energy to unite and help each other in learning, research and practice to contribute to promote atomic energy research, deployment and application in the country’s construction and development.

Functions and tasks:

1. To gather, unite and mutually assist working to boost innovative in atomic energy research, implementation and application for peaceful purposes; to apply nuclear science and technology in production and life.

2. To propose the State management agencies with guidelines, policies, laws, mechanisms, planning, plans, measures to strengthen the technical infrastructure, training human resources to develop the atomic energy sector; to coordinate and support the activities of agencies and organizations working in the atomic field; to organize and develop nuclear technological and scientific consultancy and services, to perform the functions of consultancy, judgment and social expertise in the field of atomic energy for the Party, State agencies and other organizations.

3. To perform functions of research, development and service of nuclear science and technology for socio-economic sectors; to organize scientific information activities, public information about atomic energy; to train and retrain to improve their professional qualifications in nuclear science; to represent its members in activities related to the Association’s purposes, principles and tasks; to protect its members’ honor, rights and lawful interests in accordance with the current legislation.

4. To cooperate with other organizations and individuals at home and abroad under the provisions of the laws to exchange, learn and enlist the help in the atomic energy field.

5. To reward and recommend to the State competent agencies to reward individual members and collective members who have made outstanding achievements in research, training, implementation and application of nuclear science and technology.

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