SRD – nine-year development with pride

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SRD – nine-year development with pride

March 2006 marks the establishment of the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) when it was conversed from the international non-governmental organisation (NGO) CIDSE to a local NGO under the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA).

Favourable beginning

Since its early days, when the term “civil society” or “local NGO” is something strange in Vietnam, SRD has always adapted to the context to ensure the successful conversion of the organisation.

In response to the Party and State’s policy on mobilising the entire society’s resources for science and technology activities, which is one of VUSTA’s missions, through its projects in poor and vulnerable communities, SRD has taken the initiative to seek international support to promote the application of scientific and technological advances, as well as effective models to contribute to sustainable rural development.

With experience inherited from CIDSE Vietnam and its effort to contribute to poverty reduction in rural areas, SRD set a target to become a professional Vietnamese NGO which help poor people adapt to the changing environment and increase sustainable livelihood management. It hopes to help the State and economic sector to deal with socio-economic and environmental problems in a comprehensive manner with a focus on increasing the participation of people and mobilising resources from the community.

In addition to its professionalization to increase the quantity and quality of its projects, SRD has shared its experiences in promoting the voice of VNGOs through networking and consultation activities, as well as through its participation in forums, both in Vietnam and abroad.

Greater efforts

Over the past nine years, SRD has reaped great achievements with increasing number of projects. In 2014 alone, the centre implemented 20 projects with a total budget of US$ 20 million in 14 provinces across the nation.

In agriculture, SRD are carrying out smart agricultural models in adaptation to climate change toward the reduction of emission and green development.

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In forest management, SRD has conducted REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation Red) and IFM (Independent Forest Monitoring) and integrated issues of gender equality, protection of children, and assistance to people with disability in its projects.

2014 was also a successful year form SRD in terms of consolidation of its organisational structure with the establishment of a Management Board and the completion of a plan to develop the human resources for the future. Such strategic changes will enforce its management and ensure the sustainable development of the centre in the future.

With great effort and successes in various rural areas in Vietnam, SRD has been granted a certificate of merit by the Prime Minister for its contributions to the national construction and defence.

In 2015, SRD is expected to make greater changes to make more contributions to the sustainable rural development of Vietnam, as a leading VUSTA member and VNGO.

Cong Luong – Huong Giang

Translated by Dic

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