Solar-powered drip irrigation model for dragon fruits

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Solar-powered drip irrigation model for dragon fruits

While electricity and irrigation water sources to serve dragon fruit production in Binh Thuan are still insufficient, the technology of solar-powered drip irrigation for dragon fruits, a solution recently introduced by Binh Thuan Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations, has promoted its efficiency.

Advantages of solar-powered drip irrigation system include the saving of water, power consumption and labor during the irrigation of dragon fruit trees. This method uses a clean energy source in production, increasing economic efficiency for farmers. Besides, it has lower maintenance costs and is safe for users.

Simulation of solar-powered drip irrigation system:



Irrigation process:

Sunlight           Solar power battery          Power converter              High-pressure pump

Water source           High-pressure pump             Irrigation pipe system to each pillar of dragon fruit tree

After installation, operation and instruction on using solar-powered drip irrigation for dragon fruit trees, data were collected to calculate the efficiency of the model as follows:

The average number of sunshine hours at the place of building the model is 2,550 hours.

The solar power battery system runs 02 HP pumps (equivalent to 1.5 kWh)



Solar power

Grid power


Pumping power

01 solar power system costs VND 75,000,000 and is depreciated in 10 years.

1.5 kWh


Hours of operation

2,550 h


Power consumption

3,825 kW


Power price

VND 2,000 kW


Cost payable

VND 7,500,000

VND 7,650,000

Comparison between the efficiency of solar power and that of grid power in 01 year


As such, we can save 2% of the cost after a year of using solar energy. Although the efficiency is not high, this power source is clean and has no impact on the environment. It provides users with long-term efficiency and more proactivity as compared to grid power in case of unexpected power outages.

Binh Thuan is endowed by the nature with an average number of sunshine hours of 2698 hours/year. This heat source is applied in a number of fields such as drying of agricultural products, marine products, solar water heaters and lighting... and irrigation now.

In the future, as resources are running out, people will switch to power from endless renewable sources in the nature such as solar power, wind power... Therefore, the development of solar power is a step in the right direction.

Author: Ngo Viet Nang
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